Completely safe. Completely sound.

At L.Co we take great care to ensure the safety of all of our products. We pledge that every product we make, and every product we will ever make, will meet the safety demands of health-conscious consumers. We guarantee that all of our products meet US Federal Drug Administration (FDA) requirements for the use of its coatings on food contact surfaces. We will never use toxic heavy metals or their compounds in any of our products. Our raw materials are sourced from internationally recognized and trusted suppliers with proper documentation and certification of their materials.

Natural plant oils.

Organic earth pigments.

Lead free drying agents.


Safe for children’s toys and furniture.

Safe for food contact.

3rd party testing.

L.Co products meet or exceed the standards for wood coatings specified by the US FDA, EU REACH, the migration of elements required by the European Standard “Safety of Toys” EN 71 Part 3: 2013+A1:2014, Canada’s Consumer Product Safety Directorate (CPSD), and the US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). These detailed reports are made available to all of our customers on our website:


L.Co uses all natural plant based oils and organic earth pigments from sustainable resources in our products. This means you can feel better about what you are putting on your projects. L.Co proudly works directly with local farmers to sustainably grow, harvest, and cold-press our raw tung oil that is used in every one of our products.

What is Tung Oil?

Our 100% raw tung oil is sourced from a Sustainable Forest Management certified social enterprise in Vietnam. Tung seeds are foraged and ethically harvested then pressed into oil. The pomace, shells and husks left over from pressing are composted and turned into organic compost and fertilizer that go back to nourish the trees. Proceeds from the social enterprise go toward community development programs specifically for the farmers that help to maintain the forest, grow, harvest, and press our tung oil.

Tung oil is made by pressing the seeds of the tung tree which is native to Vietnam, Myanmar and Southern China. Tung oil has been utilized for centuries as a natural wood protectant that hardens to a film when exposed to air. Tung oil has the extraordinary benefit of penetrating into the pores of the wood, enhancing the natural color and figure of the grain while protecting wood from the inside.

The color samples shown above were made on solid ash wood and are for reference purposes only. Always test the color on a hidden area of the wood to verify your desired color before using.

Color Oil.

L.Co’s uses raw tung oil and organic iron oxide pigments which allow the color to penetrate deep into the wood grain for a more clear and natural look. Color Oil is easy to apply, mix and match shades of color and is ideal for coloring unfinished wood furniture, hardwood floors, cabinets and trim.

Modern colors.

We stay current on popular trends to offer you a palette of ready to use modern contemporary colors that will fit your lifestyle. With L.Co Color Oil there is an infinite amount of possibilities in mixing, layering and application.